Things I probably shouldn’t admit

Some days I blog struggle. As in, I don’t know what to post on here. This is not including the days I life struggle. Did I just make that up? Nevermind, just roll with it.

It doesn’t matter that I always have about 40 drafts tucked away waiting for a rainy day. Sometimes your drafts don’t match your mood. (Kudos to those of you who have editorial calendars. My brain isn’t sophisticated or disciplined enough for that). And when the last post published on here was two days ago, I start feeling like my blog is looking like the neglected red-headed child and some emergency TLC in the form of chicken soup and Disney movies is called for. And times like these when I still don’t know what to write, I tell myself, “Self, just go write.”

So, given the fact that I didn’t plan anything spectacular for today, this is all you’re gonna get. A confessional type of post with anecdotes.

twilight city lights

The older I get the more of a homebody I become. And it scares me.

Kind of.

The thought of staying out past 11pm seriously brings a sudden onslaught of a) cramps, b) nausea, or c) a headache. I’m not a young chicken anymore. This is both good and bad. No wonder the only people at bars before 11pm were “old” when I went out in college. Who in their right mind would want to stay out till closing time at a bar? Seriously?

Teachers sometimes give up.

You know how you sometimes hated going to school? Well, let me let you in on a little secret: sometimes teachers hate going to school, too.

I taught music at an inner-city high school. My school had a crazy block schedule and my dreams of having multiple chorus classes were shattered. My classes didn’t care to learn about Mozart (shocker) or anything that wasn’t Motown or rap or R&B. Inevitably, the days where I had spectacular and engaging lesson plans that required group activities, the lesson was spoiled because not enough students were there.

So when there were field trips, or other events where 50% or more of my class was gone, I played a movie. But really, as a music teacher, the world was my oyster because just about every movie has music. So if an administrator popped in and asked if this was “educational” I shamelessly nodded yes (see also: lied through my teeth hoping they wouldn’t call my bluff and ask to see my nonexistent lesson plan). Worst teacher ever? More like exasperated.

Blogging can make you feel like a failure.

I’m just kidding. Ish.

I always want to be prepared and have well-put together blog posts, like my phone numbers one, tax tips for bloggers, breaking up with friends, or posts where I talk about if BlogHer is actually worth it. (It is, by the way). But then you have posts like this one that become fodder for hate sites.

Sometimes you hit them out of the park. Other times they blow up in your face.

I am progressively becoming a worse driver.

I confess that for the life of me I cannot figure out the four way stop.

Right of way…does that mean the person to my right has the right of way? Don’t count on me to go first. I’ll just wait until I’m the last person in the intersection pissing everyone else off in the process.

You know what drives me up a wall? When the person who I think has the right of way motioning for me to go before them. Then we do this awkward exchange of “No you go first”  at the intersection, and inevitably both of us try to go at the same time. This just confuses me further. Stop. Just, stop.

I am deathly afraid of hydroplaning.

Raining? You’ll find me driving like an idiot, avoiding the slickest portions of the road. Unfortunately that means the worn-in paths on the asphalt aka where you’re supposed to drive. Even if that means straddling the lane lines or driving right on the double yellow line. Puddle? Don’t even count on me driving through it. Don’t judge me. I’ve hydroplaned so many times in all sorts of cars that my life has been in real honest-to-God danger.

I am deathly afraid of curves at high speeds.

It only takes one bad car to instill the irrational fear that you’ll tip over and fall into bodies of water or tumble down ravines. For me, it was that old Suzuki Vitara. Its center of gravity was higher off the ground, and any turn made while driving faster than 25mph made the car feel like it was toppling over.

I’m starting to accept that I’ll never have a Hollywood figure

I’d love to have Michelle Obama’s arms. I’d love to have Jen Selter’s booty.  I’d love to have Jillian Michael’s abs. But the reality is that I’m just too freaking lazy. I want to take a magic pill and make it happen. (Seriously, I’ll buy stocks in that miracle product if it’s ever made).

I’m still young enough to achieve one. I don’t have kids and I know I really shouldn’t have an excuse. I know that I’ll hate myself one day when I have kids and wonder why I wasted all the free time I used to have. But for right now, designing blogs and writing from time to time on my blog is where I’m at.

And I’m okay with that….

…and I think this is a good place to stop because otherwise you’ll get a rambling novel of nonsense from me.

Why I No Longer Carry Large Purses

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbyKotex

I’ve seen many posts like these float around in blogosphere. The kinds where bloggers show you what’s inside their purses. I’ve never participated in them for one simple reason.

U by #Kotex

I hardly ever carry a purse, and when I do, it’s hardly big enough for my iPhone.

And there’s a very important reason why. (Hint: it involves my husband) Read More →

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

blue Aquinas cobblestones of Old San Juan Puerto Rico
As you may know, my husband surprised me with a wedding anniversary trip to Puerto Rico. After a few days of enjoying mojitos at the beach, my wanderlust kicked in and I took a trip to Old San Juan. As in, I left him at the beach and drove our red, Mustang convertible from Isla Verde to Old San Juan. It was a sweet ride. Too bad I didn’t take pictures of the car.

I took well over 300 pictures so expect at least one more blog post about Puerto Rico. This post covers some of the gorgeous buildings and a few attractions, but stay tuned for the pictures of the forts and the sentry towers that serve as a reminder of Puerto Rico’s history of Spanish colonial times. Just beautiful!

En mi viejo San Juan…

I could almost hear this old beloved song playing through my head as I walked around Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The breathtaking blue Aquinas cobblestones, used as ballast in the ships from Spain, are still beautifully preserved.

Cafe Berlin Old San Juan Puerto Ricostreet in Old San Juan lamp posts and balconies  of vibrant colored buildings in Old San Juanlife sized marionettes and oxidized door handle of green building in Old San Juan Puerto Ricostreet leading to Bastion de las Palmas de San Jose in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

two chairs in front of the Bastion de las Palmas de San Jose in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Bastion de las Palmas de San Jose

door of the Bastion de las Palmas de San Jose in Old San Juan Puerto Ricoancient bricks of Old San Juan Puerto Rico

caleta de las monjassentry tower of city walls of Old San Juan Puerto Rico

La Rogativa Old San Juan Puerto Rico

La Rogativa

Old Convent Door Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Caleta de las Monjas Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Catedral San Juan, Old San Juan Puerto Rico

La Santa Catedral San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico

I would have loved to go inside the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista but there was a Mass in progress. It did feel very comforting to hear the Latin “Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi miserere nobis…” that I sang for so many years as a Cantor in the Catholic Church.

Catedral San Juan Puerto RicoOld San Juan Puerto Rico calico cat of Old San Juan

One of the many stray cats in Old San Juan. This little guy just paused his scratching long enough for one picture.

Caficultura and Puerto Rican art

Caficultura, a recommended coffee shop with amazing breakfast choices and a wonderfully friendly staff.

Puerto Rican flag and blue cobblestones in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

buildings crossing San Francisco in Old San Juan

Toro Salao restaurant Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Toro Salao has amazing food and is really close to the cruise ships. Try their sangria and the yucca appetizer. You won’t be disappointed!

Cristobal Colon Square on Calle San Francisco

B and I enjoyed Old San Juan more when the cruise crowd was gone. It was quiet, we had our pick of restaurants, and the streets were empty…perfect for sight-seeing. It was also easier for the wait staff at restaurants to have conversations with us about which places we did not want to miss.

What kind of tourist are you? The kind of traveler that sight-sees and just absorbs the culture and ambiance, or the the kind of traveler that goes the historical route to learn about the foreign land?