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I am happy to review any product with my honest opinion as long as it reflects my lifestyle and the interests of my readers. For reviews, I require a product to review and keep. For giveaways, I require one product to review and keep, and another to giveaway. Please e-mail me to discuss this further.


Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring Northern Belle Diaries. I will help you promote your blog in any way, shape or form. Just ask me! I offer ad sizes for everyone and every budget. I invest funds back into sponsoring other blogs and participating in giveaways, so your blog or business will get the maximum exposure possible.


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Lisette is my blogging guru. I originally worked with her as she transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Not only was my transition extremely smooth and painless, she has since helped me drastically improve other areas of my blog. Lisette helped me develop a new Pinterest strategy, including optimizing old posts for Pinterest.

In the 10 days since implementing this Pinterest strategy, I’ve had over 2,000 new visitors to my blog and my page views have increased by over 30%. I could not have done this without her. Lisette is also extremely knowledgeable and has helped me with HTML fixes, content curation, and sponsorship strategy. I simply don’t know what I’d do without her!
NadineBack East Blonde

When looking for a blog consultation, I think it’s important to feel the service is specifically tailored to your needs. Lisette more than delivered this with her consultation and exceeded my expectations! Not only did she take the time to look into my blog, design website & social media accounts to get a full picture but I felt she only had my blog in mind during the consultation and discussed options/plans according to that.

I came away from my consultation with a new plan for future blog promotions, a solid idea of where I want to take my blog this year and fully equipped to take it all on. I would recommend anyone looking to boost blog views, readability or social media presence to take Lisette up on this great service!
KateDiaries of an Essex Girl

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