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I started typing this as I sat in the salon, waiting for the stylist to put the warm chocolate back into my hair. Those devious gray devils are sprouting out again. Like weeds. Hierba mala nunca muere as my grandmother used to say.

When she asked me “what color?” I replied with a question (I know I know, bad manners). I asked her if she had heard of Heather Dubrow. I don’t know why i said it so hopefully. Not all people watch reality tv, but dang it, everyone should! With a sigh, I told her it was okay. I’ll look at the weird hair samples and pick the closest match.

Right now, I am on my way to my hometown. My true hometown, New York City, in the borough of Queens. My cousin’s wedding is at 3:30 in the afternoon and we have a flight out of Savannah only a few hours before. What’s even more nerve-wracking is that my family asked me to sing Ave Maria at the wedding ceremony. No time for warming up. I’ll be lucky to be in shape for the 2 minute run-through 15 minutes before. Unfortunately for me, that means no alcohol on the flight north. $%$%$#!@!@#! is all I have to say about that.

shellac manicure

As I waited for my hair to absorb the warm colors, I sat there just admiring my gel shellac nails. And I got to thinking, “My husband is just the best.” No really, I mean it. Sometimes I don’t tell him often enough, but he’s a wonderful person. Strong-willed, valiant and opinionated when necessary; loving, kind and affectionate the other times.

I don’t often treat myself to luxuries as manipedis, but yesterday he pushed me out the door  with this request: a manipedi. I’m cheap and usually don’t spring for the manicure. When I looked at my roots I asked him if it was okay if I got that taken care of as well? “Treat yourself honey. You never do anything for yourself,” is what he said. Love. Him.

Far too often I rush through things just to get them over with. I forget to smell the roses and all that jazz…because there’s always something more important to do. So while I won’t get to treat myself with reckless abandon each week, I wanted to savor that moment. And savored it I did. And I got to thinking…I need to savor the moment more often. And that was the inspiration for this week’s freebie.

Savor the moment you all. Have a happy (and safe) Labor Day weekend!

P.S. Thank Ange for this tip: you can resize my freebies using this app for your Android device!

On my 300th blog post

Dude. (Can I call you dude? ‘k, thanks.) It’s really my 300th blog post. The only reason I even know that is because I looked at the number of published posts. Yesterday I was at 299. So, naturally, this one is the 300th post. Does it sound like I have nothing to write about? Um, maybe you’re right. Oh, and congratulations, Lisette. You can add ’1′ to a number.

Thanks to all of you who read this little ‘ol blog. I mean it. Every comment means so much to me! I try replying as soon as I can! I honestly didn’t know what I was doing when I started this blog last summer. I still feel that I have a long way to go to “get it.” Many times I write in an academic voice. I really don’t sound like this (most times) although that’s something I should ask my husband. He’ll never turn down a chance to call me a nerd. Ever.

Lately I’ve been feeling anxiety. No. Not the full-blown type that people are medicated for (although medication sounds good right about now). The kind that comes with stress, and deadlines, and preparing for travel. We’re going to NYC for a wedding this weekend and, between last-minute alterations, blog obligations, design obligations and keeping house, I’m stressed. I can’t even begin to understand how working moms (or even full-time moms) get so.much.done. Every day. The house slowly comes undone with dust + laundry to be taken care of, and all I can think of are a dozen other things that need to be done. Not to mention all the cooking and cleaning reheating leftovers in the kitchen.

I’ve never been a person to stress out over mundane things, but I guess when you’re not working 9-5 you’re still bound to experience stress in a different way. Such is life, right?

In other news, I finally “made it official” with PassionFruitAds and put a ring on it. I asked Jason to reciprocate the announcement and this is what he gave me:

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Dear Miley

know who you are and know it's enough

I am one of the few people that did not watch the VMAs. Nothing against music, as I am a musician myself. I was still putting the final tweaks of Style Elixir’s migration to WordPress (yay!) and did not get a chance to watch the awards. I try to avoid MTV as much as I can, and I have so for years.

I’m disappointed and turned off by some of the music material that’s pushed onto us. And I do mean pushed because so much of it sounds similar. In my honest opinion, a good bit of today’s mainstream music lacks art. I’m referring to the aural qualities of music that make people think. Counterpoint and harmonies that stay in the heart long after the song ends. Poetry that touches the soul and evokes nostalgia. Autotune runs rampant and almost anyone can claim to sing. Synthesizers create “accompaniment” similar to that of the music of the 80s. But that’s a story for another day.

Today I want to talk about Miley Cyrus. Specifically her train wreck of a performance. You didn’t have to watch the show to know how it all went down. There are countless GIFs and snapshots of the audience’s reactions. Then there were the tweets. And articles such as this one claiming that Miley is just upholding the tradition of the VMAs. A.K.A the shock factor. I’m honestly glad I did not watch this as it unfolded on tv. Just 30 seconds into the online video were enough to make me feel personally victimized by Regina George Miley Cyrus.

How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?

It seems like fame and notoriety are the most important things in our society. The Kardashians became famous over a sex video. The clan pounced on that opportunity and they’re now famous for…being famous. I know it can’t just be me turning into a 30-year-old that makes me feel this way about society and cultural norms. At least that’s how the media portrays modern-day culture

So, without further ado, here are a few words for Miley. I know she’s not the only twenty-something that can benefit from this.

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