Memorial Weekend Update

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. Chalk it up to laziness or lack of exciting things to report (or both). Sometimes we stay in and enjoy lazy weekends. Sometimes our weekends are so busy with travelling that I am too exhausted to report our adventures. But on a Memorial Weekend that coincides with National Wine Day? My PERSONAL holiday? You betcha there’s a report!
Memorial Day Weekend Update

one. National Wine Day pre-festivities kickoff with our Wine Lover’s Giveaway Extravaganza.
two. I finally downloaded A Beautiful Mess’ app and documented a love note from The Product Farm.
three. A much needed pampering. My pedicure lady thought my Target watch was a real MK. Score!
four. I got a sangria to celebrate National Wine Day, of course.
five. Hushpuppies, crabcake dinner and a yummy sangria by the sea. Sunsets in Florida are just gorgeous.
six. Watching my husband play with the puppies just warmed my heart.
seven. Lime-A-Rita on the sunny beaches of Florida…the best r + r ever…
eight. Got the first “official” tan of the year.
nine. I had a little too much fun in the sun.

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Ms. Ashley whips up delicious Pinterest masterpieces, and explains how she manages eating a yeast-free diet. One of her recent Taste of Tuesday recipes involved bananas and chocolate. Gimme! Stalk her on Twitter and Instagram. I promise you’ll love her. Plus, she and her husband are a gorgeous couple!

In her post Affirmation,she shares about the difficult times of her grad school years and the difference she made in the life of a young teen. You can read more about Stevie on Bloglovin and Twitter.

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Two brunettes and a blonde walked into a bar

This weekend, hands down, has been the best this Northern Belle has had in a hot second. Not only am I (still) in sunny Florida basking in the delicious sunshine, but I also had some blates this weekend with some hot ladies.

Florida beach

Friday afternoon I got to meet Rachel’s two adorable pups with my own two furballs at a really nice dog park. Picnic tables, palm trees, lush green grass, and kiddie pools for the water-loving pups. When I die, I want to come back as one of my dogs. Sadly, keeping an eye out for four dogs in a group of 30, made documenting this with pictures mission impossible!

Saturday was, undoubtedly, the highlight of my weekend.  Not only did I see Rachel for a second time, but I met the fabulous Whitney. Now, I love these girls (they’re both my blogger crushes), but nothing beats seeing them on the beach! Whitney and I were the lushes, ordering multiple piña coladas. I tried to bully them into sharing a bucket of rum, but I lost.  Bucket, until next time.
Stolen from Whitney’s insta!
We had a most charming waiter.  Rachel was dubbed “Rookie,” and we became known as the table of lushes.  (Smart waiter).  Unfortunately, the bus “boy” (we dubbed Big Poppa) was a disaster.  Wet high fives and a greasy t-shirt were his idea of fun. Haha!
I Wore Yoga Pants and Northern Belle Diaries
They didn’t catfish me!
Blate with Whitney and Rachel, yoga pants, i wore yoga pants, postcards from rachel
However, the biggest thing about this weekend? My iPhone’s screen’s replacement!  Thank you all who e-mailed me advice! Apple wanted to replace the entire unit. $199? No thank you. I found a place that replaced the screen of my 4S for $69. My father would have been proud of my haggling skills. All weekend long I felt so sad about that broken screen. My husband finally had enough of my pouting took pity and took me to a repair shop nearby.
Broken iPhone screen: before and after

What did you do this weekend?

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Weekend Update!

This is a REALLY quick post as I’m supposed to be getting ready for the sunny beaches of Amelia Island in Florida!  It’s the husband’s birthday weekend and we have been enjoying our time here!
(Clockwise starting with my attempt at an OOTD)
1. We had an impromptu lunch on River Street in Savannah Friday.  It felt like Spring had sprung!
2. Mellow Mushroom is our date night.  The 60′s Japanese anime statues rock my socks off.
3. B’s momma came to spend the week with us.  She goes home tomorrow.  Wah!
4. B’s momma brought me a Christmas/Birthday gift from family back home.  I’m in love!
5. and 6. We took her to a local winery for a wine tasting with all the stops.  Chocolate Merlot yum!

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